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Web development | Bulgaria | Open Source

We provide high-end open source web development services based on our core skills in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS and HTML. Our development team consists of 14 talented web developers who enjoy programming and have intrinsic motivation to put our Yes We Can mentality into practice.  Most of our colleagues have enjoyed their education (or are in the final years) at the two most renowned Universities in Bulgaria in the field of IT, namely, the Sofia University - Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) and the Technical University - Faculty of Programming and Computer Technologies where they've earned their Bachelor and Master degrees.   

Operationally we've adapted into our process to the two most common web development methodologies, Agile and Waterfall. The technical management is coordinated by our three team leads who each have 7+ years experience in their positions. They have been part of multi-year projects and form the pillars for the quality programming we deliver. The Object-orientedapproach in programming is the philosophy we all carry yet, the Process-oriented approach is also used when a projects requires this like for example builds of demo's used in UX-testing or non-CMS managed online apps, games and tools. 

We have experience in integrating third-party middleware by means of webservices (WSDL's), e-commerce funnels and online shops, online payment systems, mobile and tablet versions using responsive designs and the latest JQuery based front-end interactions and custom JS effects such as paralax. 

We advise our preferred WFCORE framework as the basis for flexible and scalable webdevelopment with Admintool3 as CMS. We also have experience in Wordpress and Joomla.  Contact us for more information