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About WFhotel

WFhotelEvery hotel has a different story to tell. For some hotels the exclusive five star experience is the main topic, for others it's the location near an airport or other specific location, and discount hotels will want to claim the best deal in town. But all hotels need one thing, and that is customers. 

We at Webfactory, are specialists in linking your specialities to your potential client's needs. Our hotel websites are not only affordable, but also use the latest technology in terms of design, programming and search engine friendliness.

We can offer you a tailormade solution that ensures that it fits exactly into your needs and market. The design, development and support are all leading to what you really need, customers that have a pleasant time at your hotel.

Companies that have chosen for  the WF Hotel standard:

The Westwood Ikoyi 
BEST WESTERN Hotel Expo Sofia 
Green Life Beach Resort
Evridka Hills Hotel 
Chateau Charly

Building a website for your business is difficult anywhere. Equally, building a website for a hotel has various unique challenges. Finally building a website for a product that is, in all honesty, “not perfect” makes the challenge, well, challenging. However for us, we presented WebFactory with all this and then made it all even harder for them by the very fact that we are a “not perfect” hotel in Lagos Nigeria who had never build a website for our business. 

The website delivered by WF is now are number 1 sales & marketing tool. We are just so dam proud out it and have been continuing to push it and promote it in a range of ways. The design, the style, the feel of the site was a real reflection of the hotel, of the business, and of us. The integration of “first world” skills and knowledge, into our african swag, resulted in a site that is already generating sales we have never been able to access before. And that is all thanks to WF.

As a hotel, people are really important to us. It is our business. For us at The Westwood, it was the people of Webfactory that blew us away. We asked a vast quantity of very stupid questions, like really silly questions. And they understood us, got to know us, and answered them in a way even we could understand. In our industry we absolutely understand the importance of team work, and how important the people “back of house” are to deliver what we do. We are sure it is the same in the wonderful world of WebFactory. However, we also know that without the exceptional skill, patience and professionalism of the project managers this project would never have resulted in the site we are so proud of.

WebFactory use a project management platform that made the whole process so easy to follow. They delivered the site both on time, and exactly to budget, no matter how many changes we made, or mistakes we made. They managed us superbly. They delivered, perfectly.

On a personal note, if I ever want a new website, for any business, I will always, and only, use WebFactory. They came, they saw, they delivered, and always in a manner that was professional, friendly, fun and supremely helpful. The Westwood Hotel, in Ikoyi Lagos is proud to be a client of WebFactory.
Paul Kavanagh
General Manager
The Westwood Hotel