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CMS Solutions

There are a lot of options when chosing a Content Management System (CMS) for a your website project. All sorts of questions need to be answered before a CMS can be picked. These questions range from what language it's built in, to how advanced does the CMS needs to be, leading to what does it need to do, which users will work it it and more. You will need a partner who can sort out the important requirements and that can advise you on the best possible option.

Contao Drupal Joomla
Contao CMS
 Drupal CMS Joomla


Reddot CMS TYPO3 Wordpress CMS


Webfactory Solutions

With 18 years of experience we know what works and more important, we know and understand the challenges and opportunities of the web and what companies need when publishing and maintaining content online. Our CMS solutions allow you to manage your site ongoing including adding/editing/updating all content on the site including documents, pages, images, links, video, and more.  

We are specialists in implementing Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Sitefinity, Contao. Besides the well-known CMS solutions we also offer Admintool4™ which is favored by some of the biggest brands in the Netherlands, UK and US. We produce websites in all sizes; from one page mini-stes to full enterptrise integrations.

Advantages of a CMS

  1. Saving costs as you can make the changes on the pages and content yourself.
  2. You can access and update your site from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  3. The CMS helps to optimize your website so that search engine users can easily find your information.
  4. New functionality can be easily added in the future.
  5. Affordable.

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