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Drupal 6.2

Drupal CMSDrupal is an open source software package for individuals or communities of users that need to publish, organize and manage a website's content also know as a content management system (CMS). Individual users as well as organizations can use it on personal or business web sites and blogs, discussion and e-commerce sites. Just download and begin using it with the easy web installer.

Dozens of free add-on modules have features like forums, blogs, peer to peer networking, newsletters, picture galleries, file uploads and downloads and many more. Drupal even works for multi-user blogs.Organizations that need content management will like Drupal's effective security, support infrastructure, scalability, customizable permissions and user roles. Images and other media are supported as are comments. Organizers can easily share ideas, use the preconfigured tools for community management and the self-organizing features.

Small business owners can set up their own site, customize its style and layout and change it as their business grows. Drupal has e-commerce support for shopping carts and paid-content subscriptions. The permissions don't require that each person be authorized; permissions can be assigned to roles which in turn can be assigned to a group, saving time and simplifying collaboration.
Website designers and builders enjoy the ease of creating their own themes and providing client support. Access to designer/developer communities is a real asset. Programmers like the modular system that can be customized and extended, access to developer communities, system and architecture documentation and coding standards.
Drupal has many other unique features, such as a collaborative "book" that others can contribute to. URLs are both user and search engine friendly and online help is available to you on your own site. All content is fully indexed for the built-in search module.

DRUPAL 6.2 content-management-system cms.