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latest projects

Countrywide Medical Training is a brand new initiative that listens to the experiences of allied health professionals.

It is a community where AHPs prepare for the next stage in their careers by completing CPD accredited online courses and downloads as well as sharing ideas and keeping up to date with service developments. We hope you too find this site a useful resource and welcome any articles, thoughts or feedback that you feel would be useful to share among your peers.

Parker & Sterling are a global business consulting firm that focusses on mergers and acquisitions, and on demanding negotiation processes in general.

We advise private enterprises with a strong focus on startups, game changers and/or businesses in transition.

We help our clients in challenging circumstances to realize their most important goals.

Working closely together with Limelight Sports and MLB, setting up the main requirements and goals in several workshops, Webfactory did the usability, UX, prototyping, design and development for the new Major League Baseball MLB Softball60 Apps. Ipad and Iphone | Android