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Webfactory launches to provide industry with new 'autonomous' digital agency model


Digital agency Webfactory has launched to challenge the existing industry model. 

It aims to create an empowering ‘autonomous’ culture where brands use new technology to rapidly speed up development of websites and online projects beyond anything that is currently possible. 

The agency has a twenty year heritage. Clients span private companies, public services and institutions across multiple verticals and include Protect Your Bubble, ACN, KPN, MLB and The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon.

At the heart of Webfactory is a belief that marketing now needs to be done differently. The days where agencies take campaign briefs from clients then create and manage everything end-to-end are coming to an end. Rebranding to Webfactory reflects our new way of working, which is based around Admintool4, our proprietary technology. We are launching a pioneering new proposition into the agency and technology market that will change the way brands’ digital teams work.

Admintool4 is a productivity toolkit that uses Laravel 5.1 as its core platform. It allows brands to build enterprise level websites faster, with less resource and with more control, representing a significant development in enterprise CMS solutions. 

Webfactory has created a framework that allows brands to do significantly more tasks internally, allowing them to be truly agile and less dependent on their digital agency. New services include personalisation, multi-site and multi-lingual capabilities, application development and service design plus more aggressive conversion rate optimisation. 

The Admintool4 technology can also be white-labelled by other digital agencies. 

Old processes and workflows need to redefined - it’s no longer acceptable to take six weeks to get a new landing page test live, inflexible teams are not the best way to manage marketing today and deliver on business strategies. Agility matters. Our technology empowers brands to do more, while the agency supports them with specialist skills and knowledge when needed. Our goal is to make ourselves redundant from any given project. There is a fundamental shift happening to the way web development agencies work.”

Digital industry veteran Koos Jan Schouten, Webfactory's CEO. Previously a member of the senior management team at Adpetion and Skillbrokers, Schouten has over twenty years’ experience in both marketing and digital transformation, advising companies ranging from SMEs to Fortune 250 brands. 

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