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Paul Kavanagh - Webfactory Ambassador

Paul Kavanagh

Highly experienced International 5 Star Hotel General Manager

While I have done many different things in my life, hotels have been both my passion and life-long obsession. I worked in my first hotel aged 12 and to date my work in hotels has been both a career and a superb learning experience. 
I was formally managing a hotel in Nigeria, the "Camp David" of that amazingly challenging country, and did so for a number of years. 

I believe I have enjoyed a wide and varied career which has given me the skills to utilize best practise from other industries to develop hotel operations to maximise their potential.

Recently I moved continent and came to work in Asia, in Mongolia. Once again this is a challenging country, but one with massive potential and a booming hospitality industry, so it is a place I can both give and learn from.

Specialties:The hospitality industry. All aspects of the business of hotels. Specialist experience in Sales & Marketing and the commercial success of a hotel operation.